Friday, December 31, 2010

Camna nak bagi org yg curi/gao/pao fon anda bara? Ajaq sket depa....

How to frustrate people who steal your MOBILE!

It is worth taking down that serial number.

Before anyone loses his/her mobile phone, one should first check the serial number of the phone by keying in *#06# where a 15-digit number will appear on the screen. Please record it down and keep it for reference.

In case the phone is lost, the rightful owner can call the Service provider to disable the phone by providing the serial number.

That means, the person who took the phone cannot use it at all even if they insert a new SIM card. If everyone knows this procedure, there would not be much use taking away someone's phone. Please feel free to circulate this message.


  1. Komfom pasni dy xley guna da fon 2... Slmt Mncba kwn2 !

  2. kalo nokia n8.....meraung jgak kalo ilang pown

  3. hahaa.. tips plg pntg, jgala fon bebaik

  4. hehehehe....boleh x kita wat,hp kita hilang bila dia on atau guna hp kita,kuar mesej.... HAHAHAHAHA HP NI DAH DI BLOCKKK...PADAN MUKA HANG!!! X DPT APA,DOSA JA DAPAT...HIK3

  5. style jgk idea 2... tp nnt try la tnya service provider msg2... nk lg best, guna la ayat... "AKU SUMPAH HANG JADI SESUMPAH KLU CURI FON AKU NIE" HEHE...

  6. hehehehe style gak tu my bro.....( farah bebudak penang)